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Duck Race

On Boxing Day the cricket club organise a charity duck race on the river Coln where it runs through Bibury. The event is well attended with visitors from all over the world. Over the years thousands of pounds have been raised for charity.

There are 2 races. The first involves 150 decoy ducks for which tickets cost £10. The purchaser of the winning ticket gets to choose the charity to which all the proceeds from this race are donated. The second race involves over 2000 yellow plastic ducks. Tickets for these cost 50p each and there are prizes for the 1st 20 and the last duck. Prizes include £100, bottles of champagne and whiskey and an oven ready duck!
150 decoy ducks float down the Coln   2000+ yellow plastic ducks float down the Coln
150 decoy ducks head off down the Coln
150 decoy ducks head down the Coln followed by volunteers in wet suits and life jackets!
  Collecting the ducks
Mad dash to collect all the ducks before they break loose and head off for Fairford!
An excellent independent report of the 2012 race can be found here.