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Branch Closing Unless There is a New Committee
It is with regret that it has been decided to start the process of closing Bibury with Barnsley WI. At the November 2018 AGM nobody was prepared to come onto the committee to replace those that wished to stand down. To keep the branch going the existing committee reluctantly agreed to stay on for 1 more year with a view to co-opting new members to the committee to enable a smooth transition in November 2019. Despite a concerted effort, and for varying reasons, no one has volunteered to be nominated for the committee. The branch has a healthy membership and an exiting new program is in place for 2020. However, without an elected committee there is no option but to start the process of closing down the branch that has been in operation for 102 years.

Welcome to our Bibury with Barnsley WI website.

I hope you will enjoy finding out about our WI by exploring our website and that it will encourage you to come along to one of our meetings. You can be assured of a warm Bibury welcome and a delicious tea! Itís a great way to meet new friends, enjoy listening to interesting speakers and be part of a national womenís organisation that has 100 years of history and has and still is making a worthwhile difference in our society. The WI is for everyone as it can be whatever you want it to be. Our aim is to have fun and enjoy ourselves while supporting each other and our local community.

I am very pleased to have been given the privilege by our members of becoming President of our WI. Our WI is one of the oldest in the country, having been established in 1917, so I am very conscious of following in the footsteps of so many energetic and talented WI ladies who have given their time and expertise to ensure that our WI has remained relevant in an ever changing society. We are here, alive and kicking ready to embrace the 21st Century so please do come along and join us!

Liz Franklin
President of Bibury with Barnsley WI.

Bibury with Barnsley WI Centenary 2017

The Institute was 100 years old in 2017 and a range of activities were undertaken culminating in an exhibition in July. Click here for more details of Centenary events.

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Centenary 2017 Photographs

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