Bibury with Barnsley WI

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When and where we meet

Bibury with Barnsley WI was formed in 1917.We meet in Bibury Village Hall on the third Wednesday afternoon of each month. Meetings start at 2.15pm and we have a Business Meeting and Speaker. We aim for a variety of topics throughout the year to cater for the wide range of interests of our members. We are usually ready to enjoy our delicious tea by 4.00pm. Members take turns to work in small groups to provide the tea. There is always time to chat with friends and buy raffle tickets before the raffle is drawn at the end of the afternoon.

Our Members

All our members are young at heart! Some ladies have been part of our WI for many years, serving on the Committee and actively supporting all our activities. Recently we have enjoyed welcoming several new members with their refreshing new ideas and suggestions. Whether a long standing member or a relative new comer there is a place for everyone at our WI. With an amazingly talented membership we can learn from each other, develop new skills, gain confidence, form friendships and have fun! Currently our membership is around 30 with the majority of ladies living in Bibury and Barnsley however some come from further afield (eg Cirencester) and all are welcome wherever you live. Our aim is to enjoy ourselves, support our local Bibury and Barnsley Communities as well as National WI initiatives.

Go to our Diary page to see what we have planned for the months ahead!

About the WI

We are proud to be part of the WI. When you join our local WI you also become a member of the WI nationally, and you'll get a monthly magazine (WI Life). More importantly, you'll become part of the largest women's group in the UK, a community of women that's been making things happen for nearly 100 years (the WI was formed in 1915 following the First World War). 2015 was a landmark year for the WI as the Centenary was celebrated in grand style across the country. 2017 was an even bigger event for us as we celebrated our own centenary. Find out more about how we celebrated this event by viewing our Centenary page.


For existing members the 2018 subscription will be 41.00. For new members the cost will depend on the date of joining as shown below.
Date of JoiningCost
1st January - 31st March£41.00
1st April - 30th June£30.75
1st July - 30th September£20.50
1st October - 31st December£ 10.25

If you want to try it and see what we're all about, you're very welcome to come as a visitor. We invite visitors to make a donation of 3 per meeting, but you can only attend 3 meetings before you have to join properly.

Our Committee

Our Committee meets regularly to plan the meetings, activities and events. At our AGM last November 5 Committee members were elected. The President was elected by the members from the new Committee. The Committee work hard to ensure that meetings are well planned and that events and activities run smoothly.