Bibury with Barnsley WI

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1917 Bibury WI Founded

The WI itself started in 1915 so when Bibury WI was formed in 1917 it was 1 of only 137 branches.

1938 Patchwork Quilt

Early in 2014 a patchwork quilt that was created by ladies belonging to our WI in 1938 came back into our possession. We were very pleased to have ownership of it again and we were all amazed at its condition. There are a few patches that are worn but the colours are still bright. The four corners are very interesting as they bear witness to the constitutional crisis of the times; the death of George V, the abdication of Edward V111 and the Coronation of George V1. The remaining corner records the date of the quilt (1938) and organisation (Bibury WI) responsible for its creation.

We can only imagine the hours of labour and time given by those ladies around 75 years ago! We hope that they derived as much enjoyment from creating it as we now have in appreciating it.

Itís our Bibury with Barnsley WI heirloom and we shall treasure it!