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WI Report June 2019

At our June meeting we welcomed Pam Slater of the Cotswold Perfumery. Pam brought along a lot of samplers for us to try so we had a very pleasantly scented evening! The Cotswold Perfumery is based in Bourton in the Water and is managed now by the son of the founder. Now, the Cotswold Perfumery with John at the helm and is a thriving business exporting to America and selling to UK stores including Harrods. Much of the business is online but all the perfumes are still produced in Bourton on the Water. Pam was an excellent Speaker and gave us an insight into the perfume industry, how to choose perfume, how to store it, it’s shelf life and how perfumes fall into different categories from “floral” to “heavy.” Pam was warmly thanked by Angela before we all enjoyed delicious refreshments provided for us by Angela and Victoria.

Our next meeting will be on July 17th at 2.15pm and we’ll be meeting in Norma Webb’s garden at Garth Cottage for our summer Garden Party. This will be a social occasion with no Business meeting so we hope our members will come along and enjoy it. We don’t have a meeting in August so our next meeting after the August break will be at the Village hall at 7.00pm on Wednesday September 18th. Our Speaker will be Vicky Drake who will be telling us about her travels in India and her experience of teaching English and computer literacy to young students while she was there. She loves travelling but also wants to help others.

We are delighted that we could welcome Chris as a new WI member who has been able to join us since we moved to evening meetings. Chris tells me that she would have liked to join before but couldn’t because the meetings were in the afternoon. If this is the case for others, where evening meetings would be favoured rather than afternoons, the decision could be made to move to evening meetings permanently. We really need some new members; of our current membership many have served on Committee in varying roles over the years and we are now at the point with the current committee all standing down in November at the AGM. For various reasons no one feels able to come forward to be nominated for Committee going forward after November so with regret we are preparing to close the WI after it has been a feature of Bibury village life for 102 years.

To flourish the WI in Bibury needs a new image with possibly a new name with a younger group prepared to take it forward. The WI can be what you want it to be, nationally there are lots of younger groups starting up and creating the sort of WI they want within the national and federation framework with all the opportunities that belonging to the largest women’s organisation in the country brings.

Is there anyone prepared to give it a go, change it and take it forward? If you think you can help or are interested at all please get in touch with me :enquiries@biburywithbarnsleywi.org.uk or come to our September meeting and you might find you enjoy it! You will be very welcome.

We always like to see visitors so please come along if the topic of next month’s meeting interests you.

Liz Franklin (President)

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