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WI Report October 2019

Our October meeting reverted to the afternoon start time of 2.15pm when Liz welcomed back our Speaker Matthew Gacek. We were all looking forward to his talk “Angel Voices, Boys at Heart!” as we anticipated that we would all enjoy it, because we knew Matthew to be an excellent Speaker; he had entertained and enlightened us a few years ago with his talk about Caerhays Castle.

Matthew took us on a journey into the life of a Cathedral Chorister. Starting at an early age (6 to 8 years old) and having been accepted as a member of the Cathedral Choir School the day starts early at 8am before academic lessons begin. Instead of going home at the usual end of school daytime, Choristers have tea and some relaxation time before more practise. The old saying “practise makes perfect” applies to these children. They learn to sight read music and practise every day to become professional and able to lead Cathedral daily and weekly worship, as well as all special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. We heard the voices of angels through Matthew’s excellent presentation which included an array of wonderful photographs while we were serenaded by the voices of the Choristers. It was lovely also to see many photos of the boys enjoying themselves and having lots of fun being part of a close-knit team. Football was very popular, and most activities were accompanied by food! This was often provided by the very dedicated parents whose support for a son being a chorister was essential. Matthew showed us lovely photos of the Choristers on tour to the USA and to South Africa. Taking young boys on tour was inevitably a huge responsibility and although Matthew had a wonderful time with them, he was relieved when they were all safely home! The Choristers had been privileged to sing in front of world leaders and Royalty. It was all summed up by Matthew saying that the life of a Chorister is a busy and demanding one, but one which will give them experiences and skills to last a lifetime. There was time for questions before Liz warmly thanked Matthew for coming and providing us with a very entertaining and informative talk as well as some beautiful music for us to listen to.

Our Business meeting continued when Liz congratulated our GFWI Quiz team, Norma, Wendy, Victoria and Angela on a brilliant result in the County Quiz when they came joint second having competed against 23 teams! Norma and Wendy were warmly thanked for the organisation necessary to run a successful walk in Bibury for 50 Gloucestershire Federation members on October 5th and Liz thanked all the members who had supported them by cooking, serving, leading walks or in any other way. Jill and Wendy had attended the Federation Centenary celebrations at the Cathedral on October 12th and reported that it was a wonderful Service and that they had enjoyed the Exhibition that included our own wonderful Centenary bunting.

Liz had already welcomed Maggie Vinson, GFWI Vice Chair and our W I Adviser as well as Cathy, a trainee WI Adviser and at this point Maggie took over to lead the Special Meeting.

Our next meeting is our AGM on November 20th for members only when we’ll be meeting at the Village Hall for coffee at 10.30am with the AGM starting at 11.00am. Following that we shall car share to go to the Falcon Inn at Poulton for our lunch when together we shall celebrate all that is and has been special, unique and wonderful about our WI in Bibury for the last 102 years.

Liz Franklin (President)

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